Reverse V-SET in Dog Agility

REVERSE V-SET in Dog Agility

The Reverse V-Set is a technique for leading a dog to take a jump and then reverse direction, running around the wing of the jump. The dog's path forms the letter "V" -- note that the dog makes a sharp turn when reversing direction -- note, too, that the dog runs around the handler and her path forms a "V" before taking the jump. The method was developed by Janita and Jaakko of One Mind Dogs.

This method is useful when you do NOT want your dog to "slice" a jump, but run around the wing. 
Here Phil Seyer is practicing a V-SET with Magic Momo Superdog.  Phil has switched his gaze toward the landing side. His dog-side leg and hand are asking for a turn to the right. (Technically, Phil should be looking at the take-off point, not the landing point.)

Phil uses his left hand to lead the jump, but also uses his right hand to guide Momo once she commits to the jump.  Momo has just come out of a tunnel as shown in the diagram above. Notice how Momo is already angling herself to the right as she jumps. 

It would a little better if Phil's dog-side leg were more toward the middle of the bar, which would require Momo to run around it for the desired V-like action.
But Phil's handling here works as you can see below.
Reverse V-SET Continued. 

Notice how Momo has taken a diving jump and is turning sharply to the right. (Momo has practiced a lot of diving jump exercises and this has paid off.)

 Phil has stepped back onto his non-dog side leg (his right leg). He is starting a left turn in opposition to Momo's turn. Momo turns right. Phil turns left. 

Phil is preparing to lead Momo with his right hand, executing a Front Cross move. 
Reverse V-SET Continued

In photo #3, Momo is wrapping tightly around the right wing.

Phil has finished his Front Cross and is leading Momo in the opposite direction from the landing side of the jump. (Hence, the term REVERSE)

NOTE: one can finish the Reverse V-SET with either a Blind Cross or a Front Cross. Here Phil is using the Front Cross. (He has switched from Left to Right hand leading.)
Reinforcer placed after the Following Jump

At first, when training a V-SET, it is best to reward immediately on the intended path by throwing a toy or other reinforcer or by having the reinforcer already on the intended path for the dog to grab. 

However, here, Momo is more advanced in her training, so she runs to the next jump. You can see her doing a diving jump to get a very small piece of a healthy sausage.  Bigger pieces of the sausage are also visible -- but she cannot get to them because they are in a sealed plastic bag.) This makes the treat even more exciting for Momo, even though it is only just a morsel. Try adding this little kink to training! Put a tiny treat on top of a clear plastic bag with lots of other high powered treats in it. 
VIDEO Showing Reverse V-SET Practice

In the video, here, you can see Magic Momo Superdog practicing a One Mind Dog inspired exercise designed to increase her "drive."  

You can also see handler Phil Seyer is leading Momo to take a jump and reverse direction using the Reverse V-SET technique.

The tunnel used here is quite light and inexpensive. I like it better than the heavy tunnels that are hard to move.Learn more about this tunnel by clicking here. 

NOTE: Phil is not yet an official One Mind Dog Coach This is not an official OMD tutorial. Any mistakes in describing or leading the Reverse V-SET are Phils!

Magic Momo Superdog

Magic Momo is on a quest to become a National Champion in Dog Agility.  "She has a long way to go," her human Mommy likes to say.  To which Phil replies, "The average mind thinks "That's impossible." The Elite Mind thinks, "That will be difficult, but we can do it!."
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