Puppy Training Tips

Progress Check
(Puppy Training Quiz)
Watch video then take this quiz.

1. True or False?  It is best to wait until a puppy is at least 6 months old before starting training because before that a puppy is too young and immature to understand what you are trying to teach.

2. .(T of F?) All dogs are potentially people biters

3, .(T of F?) It is best to start training a puppy at home immediately after you bring it home.

Check your answers below the line.
1. Six months is too late!  A dog has probably developed a lot of bad habits by them if it has not had any training. 

2. Yes, all dogs have the potential to become biters. (So training regarding this is really important earlier on.)

3. Ian Dunbar recommends that you give the dog a day to adjust to its new environment before starting training. So item 3 is false.

Puppy Training
Made Simple

On this page you can watch a really good video titled How to Train a Puppy  created many years ago by Ian Dunbar.

After watching the video you can check your understanding by taking the Progress Check Quiz items below the video. 

Progress Check (continued)

4. (T or F?) If you want a dog to follow you, keep walking.

5. (T or F?) If a puppy does not come when called it helps to clap your hands and run off to make it fun for the dog.

6. (T or F?) If a puppy runs away, it is best to chase it.. 

7. (T of F?) To train a puppy dog not to bite, frequently put your hand in the puppy's mouth; if she puts pressure on your hand, say, "Ouch" loudly to let the puppy know that humans are very sensitive and don't like biting.

Check your answers below

4. Yes, that's true. Don't stop. Dogs love to follow movement.

5. Again, that's correct. Do the opposite of what your dog does. If your dog runs off to the right, run to the left.  Remember dog's like to follow; don't chase them.

6. As indicated in answer 5 #5 it is best not to chase a dog so the statement is incorrect.

7. Yes. That's a good way to teach a dog not to bite.
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