Dog Agility Products for Handlers

Dog agility products for handlers

Dog Agility Products for Humans

This page features products for dog agility handlers -- products for humans.  

More and more cool products will be added soon.

Husky Hat
iHeartRaves Husky Rave Spirit Animal Furry Hood

This hat will add a lot of fun to your dog agility practice sessions. As you can see from the vido here, Magic Momo lives to play with me when I wear this Husky Hat.

NOTE: OK, I don't look as good as the model at left, but Momo makes up for my lack of beauty. Hahahah!

As a dog agility handler, we have to stay focused and have a good memory.  Some have found that the UnTapped Mind pills help them. 
"I've been taking this along with another product by the same company. Having ADD and a high-demand job, I wanted to give one of these "limitless pills" a try. Although I haven't learned any new languages or increased my portfolio by a few million, I definitely feel more focused and have increased my efficiency! More than I assumed I would. Best of all, absolutely NO side effects. I just feel great."

More Products Soon

Please check back later to see products we are recommending for dog agility lovers. 

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