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Phil Seyer and Magic Momo

Phil Seyer and Magic Momo

Phil Seyer is a Renaissance Man with skills in many fields of endeavor including Behavioral Psychology, Instructional Design and Development, Software Design and Programming, Music Education and Music Composition. He has authored several books published by John Wiley and Sons in New York and won awards from the National University Extension Association.  Phil served as the Chairman of the Bay Area Chapter for the National Society for Performance Improvement and wrote several articles for the National Journal. He is now competing with Magic Momo Superdog in AKC Trials and recently was awarded a Masters Title for Jumpers with Weaves.

Magic Momo Superdog

Magic Momo Superdog is a Shetland Sheepdog bred by Yvonne Samuelson of Seahaven Shelties.  Momo's Father is "Sketch" -- Sea Haven Sheltie Etched in Silver.
Momo claims to be able to answer "Yes/No" questions by tapping either Phil's thumb (yes) or his little finger (no). She says she does not like bad people, but likes Bad Dog Agility. 

Momo takes after her father, Sketch, but doesn't have quite as much fur as her father, who is a handsome Grand Champion AKC in Confirmation. (See Sketch below)
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